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Help and FAQ

What is CODEX? CODEX is written archive articles from the Businessworld newspaper since 1994.
As a BusinessWorld print subscriber, are we entitled to free access to Codex? New BusinessWorld Annual Print Subscribers are entitled to three (3) months free trial to Codex. You can visit the site and have a summary of the articles you are searching for. Just type-in the keyword in the search box and the related articles will be shown.
How much is a Codex subscription?

Local Users:
Annual - PhP 2,545.50
Semi-Annual - Php 1,273.00

International Users:
Annual - US$57
Semi-Annual - US$29

All rates are VAT inclusive

On Demand*

Php 60 = 1 article (4 credits)
Minimum of P300 per load OR
5 articles (20 credits)

How can I pay for the subscription? You can choose from the following modes of payment:


For local subscription, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, BPI Express Credit, American Express and Diners Club credit cards.

For international subscription, we accept American Express,
Diners International and VISA credit cards.


For local subscriptions:

You can deposit your payment to the account of BusinessWorld Publishing Corporation. at any branch of Bank of the Philippine Islands. Our current account number 3141-0676-71.

Note: Please make cheque payable to BUSINESSWORLD PUBLISHING CORPORATION.

How do I subscribe?


Choose the type of account you wish to avail; Unlimited or On Demand: Read the Terms of Agreement and complete the registration form.

Via Fax:

You may also download a PDF file of the subscription form and fax it to 535-9926. This requires a PDF reader.

Via Phone:

You may also call us at 535-9901 extension 711 or email us at

JavaScript must be enabled to display this email address.

and we will send you a subscription form.
What is the difference between On Demand and Unlimited accounts?

What are the advantages/disadvantages for each?


Unlimited accounts enable the subscriber to access the entire Codex archive for one (1) year from start of subscription. Your one-year subscription entitles you to access an unlimited number of articles.

This type of account is ideal for those who need to access the archive on a regular basis and are searching for a fairly large amount of content. You simply have to renew your account when the subscription expires.

This account is available to both Philippine and international subscribers.

On Demand*

This system was made available for those with specific article requests who wish to quickly access the entire archive occasionally or for a limited period of time.

This type of account makes use of credits, which can be easily reloaded or recharged when you run out.

On Demand accounts are available only to Philippine subscribers and will expire in two (2) months from start of subscription, whether the account is active or not.

I forgot my username/password. What do I do?

You may click on this link to retrieve your username/password. Just fill out the form and make sure that your e-mail address is correct. Your access codes will then be sent through e-mail once our system has verified it from our database.

I need more help!

For more help on matters not listed here, feel free to contact us at 535-9901, extensions 706, 708 to 711 or email us at Copyright BusinessWorld Publishing Corp. All rights reserved.